About Rijk Zwaan

Rijk Zwaan is an international vegetable breeding company based in The Netherlands. Rijk Zwaan is a family-owned company and currently amongst the top five vegetable seed companies in the world. 

Rijk Zwaan offers a broad range of quality vegetable seeds. However our involvement with our customers does not just end with the sale of the seed. We regard our customers as our partners and we strive to create win-win situations and the formation of long term partnerships. 

Our mission

#Sharing knowledge | #Sharing a healthy future 

Sustainability and social responsibility are a natural part of Rijk Zwaan. Rijk Zwaan has an impact on some element of each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the associated targets. We want to share our knowledge. We want to share a healthy future. 

Rijk Zwaan Learning

Get the most out of Rijk Zwaan seeds & vegetables with the knowledge and experience of our specialists.

Expertise by Rijk Zwaan specialists

Rijk Zwaan is one of the worlds leading vegetable breeding companies, with local expertise in over 30 countries. Our cultivation & breeding specialists  share the latest insights in vegetable cultivation.

Improve your knowledge

Inform, engage and empower your clients with a deeper understanding of the therapeutic properties of the foods we eat.

Share a healthy future

Courses are 100% free, no obligations and also accessible for non Rijk Zwaan customers.

Rijk Zwaan Learning
in your country

Besides our international Learning platform we also offer different local Learning platforms, where you can follow courses that are developed specially for your country. 
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Our partnerships

To offer top quality content, we believe it’s key
to partner with the best in industry across agriculture and education sectors.