Culinary Nutrition 

We know we need to eat our greens. But do you know why? This self-paced short course explores culinary nutrition and the science behind food. You're invited  to inform, engage and empower yourself, by gaining a deeper  understanding  of the foods we eat, and why. 
1 hour per MODULE
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Increase your nutrition knowledge

Learn about culinary nutrition. Be inspired by how easy it is to improve your diet. Have the knowledge and skills to influence your family and friends to lead a healthier life.
  • Increase your nutrition knowledge
  • Boost your confidence in food preparation and cooking.
  • Have a healthier diet, and understand the benefits. 
  • Access resources, cheat sheets and recipes.

Five self - paced modules 

Learn at your own pace  from industry experts about nutrition and the science behind healthy eating. Step up to the stove to practice new cooking and culinary skills.

What's included?

A mix of theoretical and practical content delivered by industry professionals
  • Culinary & nutrition presentations
  • Cooking & food prep demonstrations
  • Practical, hands-on cooking activities
  • Recipes and guides
  • Access to research and resources
  • Moderated discussion board
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Course reviews

"I had lots of Fun!"| "I think the course was fantastic" | "relatable & positive"| "Great content" |  

"Thanks for the course it was a well rounded course and I enjoyed all aspects. I really enjoyed the recipes/cooking and also the vegetable butchery. The course has reinforced some of the information and strengthened my current knowledge and also confidence to have discussions with clients."
Param turna
"It was very educational and really an eye opener in many ways!...I learnt a lot of new terms, I'm very thankful I could participate. I learned a lot ."
"really enjoyed all the material, especially the links to extra readings. These were encouraging,
relatable and positive. I've  learned a lot and feel more confident to talk to patients about healthy eating. Thank you!"


This course has been developed by the University of Newcastle research team in collaboration with Rijk Zwaan Australia. The project is funded by a Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Innovation Connections Project Grant with Rijk Zwaan Australia Pty. Ltd.  

Course Curriculum 


Meet your facilitators

Our instructors are highly qualified professionals, widely acknowledged in their field.
Roberta Asher 
The University of Newcastle
frances tolson
Rijk Zwaan Australia
James bertram
Rijk Zwaan Australia

Frequently asked questions

Is this course free?

Yes this course is free of charge!

Who is Rijk Zwaan?

Rijk Zwaan is a vegetable seed breeder. We make new hybrid varieties of vegetables, with added value for all actors in the vegetable chain - such as disease resistances and higher yields and improved flavours.  Our Head Office is in the Netherlands but we have subsidiaries in more than 30 countries and distributors in over a 100. We breed many vegetable varieties and sell seeds to professional food growers around the world. If you've eaten cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot and really - almost any veggie in the supermarket - you've probably eaten a vegetable grown from Rijk Zwaan seeds. 

We only breed vegetables and sell seeds. We don't engage in pharmaceutical or chemical production. 

Rijk Zwaan is a family owned business with the ambition to increase vegetable consumption around the world. Read more about Rijk Zwaan at

I am not a Rijk Zwaan customer or UoN student. Am I eligible?

You are welcome to complete this course, free of charge, whether or not you are a customer of Rijk Zwaan, or a student at the University of Newcastle. There is no eligibility criteria - this course is available to all.  Our ambition is to Increase vegetable consumption, and to share a healthy future. 

Will I receive a qualification for completing this course?

No. This course does not currently have any affiliated qualification and is not  CPD accredited. 

What if English is not my first language?

The Culinary Nutrition Course was designed and filmed in Australia by the University of Newcastle, Australia and the Rijk Zwaan Australia team. The content is in English,  and uses a mix of scientific and every day language.  You can pause videos at any time and follow at your own pace. Even if you don't understand all of the language (or accents!) you will hopefully understand the key messages. 

How long will the course take?

One to two hours per week. The content itself takes about an hour to listen to/read for each module, then there are additional cooking activities. 

What if I don't complete the course on time?

This is a no-pressure course. It's designed to be completed as 5 modules over 5 weeks; but all content will remain available to you after a 5 weeks has elapsed. There is no penalty for not completing the course, or for taking longer than five weeks.